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Cryptocurrency technologies can help in the fight against crypto criminals

"And cryptography, biometrics and artificial intelligence will further enhance digital protection and help you to track suspicious transactions almost in real time."
Philippine President Duterte: 'I announce my separation from the United States'- NondonBlog

Two wives, president Rodrigo Duterte wants more pay!

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who has always been in the media, told to increase his salary. Because, he or...
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Melania Trump Tweeted About ‘Random Acts Of Kindness Day’

Melania Trump promoted Random Acts Of Kindness Day on Twitter on Saturday, but it didn’t spark the reaction she was likely hoping...

Khaleda Zia directed to appear the court on March 25

The Court has fixed March 25 for hearing on charges against BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, with 11 accused in...

Hasina has to support, but not passing Khaleda, says Pinak Ranjan

Former Indian High Commissioner Pinak Ranjan Chakraborty said that India should continue to support Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.... website no longer guarantees fast transactions and low commissions

Bitcoin conquered millions of people with promises of fast peer-to-peer transactions with reduced commissions. But as the popularity of...
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Dash is no longer in the top ten. What to expect next?

Dash lowered the authority of bitcoin and even at times considered bitcoin to be something of a relic of the past. And now the same thing happens with Dash itself : it was replaced by a rather small coot Tron.
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Net neutrality – what it is and why people are freaking out if it ends?

Over the past few months, you would have seen this term over the internet or heard about it over...

U.S. undergoes extreme freezing weather

Brutal cold tormented the United States in the last week and the weather is not getting any warmer for...

200,000 Salvadorans may be forced to leave the U.S. as Trump puts an end to immigration protection

The Trump administration has taken another action against the immigrants by canceling the interim residency permits of about 200,000...

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