Soft Colors for Bigger Looking Eyes: How to Makeup

I have small eyes and hooded lids, which is the worst combination of them all, but there is a trick that can help you figure out exactly what kind of makeup designs you can apply to your lids.

If you follow this trick, you will be able to figure out exactly what kinds of makeup designs you can apply to your lids.

Research is the key to success with this technique.

Soft Colors for Bigger Looking Eyes ideas

Soft Colors For Bigger Looking Eyes

Coffee-inspired makeup uses brown, golden, and nude eyeshadows to create a gentle smokey eye appearance. This style is gaining popularity in the beauty industry.

When you use eyeshadows in neutral tones, your eye makeup will blend in with your natural complexion while providing you with emphasizing points that give the appearance of having larger eyes.

You are aware that there are a lot of makeup artists on YouTube; thus, it is your responsibility to choose a woman who has eyes that are like to your own; this is the only way for you to determine how a certain makeup design will seem on you.

You will also get the opportunity to pick up some new techniques from the makeup artist who posts on YouTube.

How to Makeup

Here is one idea:

First step:
Sculpting the brows and filling them in with the ideal color before finishing.

They may be made to appear more natural if you use a clean mascara brush to sift through them. With this nifty technique, you may get rid of the extra color in your brows.

Second step:
Apply primer to the lids so that the eyeshadow will stay there for longer.

Third step:
On the eyelid, draw the form of the makeup design, which consists of a cat-eye flick at the outer corner of the lid, a line at the crease, and a line at the bottom lash line extension.

Be sure to leave some space between the flick and the extension of the bottom lash line.

Fourth step:
Peach is the color that should be used to fill in the newly formed shape.

Fifth step:
Reduce the sharpness of the lines and blend the colors together.

Sixth step:
Use a white pencil down the lower lash line and in the space between the black lines that define the lashes in the corner of your eye.

Put some emphasis on the inner corner of your eye.

Seventh step:
Under the eyes should be highlighted with a highlighter to finish off the appearance and make the eyes stand out even more.

Coat your lashes with a layer of mascara.