Coconut Oil Hacks: Fact or Fiction? Find on 5 Points


Coconut oil hacks: fact or fiction- this is our topic here. We’ll try to find out the things on 5 points.

It is definitely a trending topic these days and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Maybe it is because the internet has made us all so much more aware of things that are relevant to our everyday life, or maybe we have always been this way…

However, there’s no denying that the world has recently become obsessed with coconut oil and its various uses.

Coconut Oil Hacks: Fact or Fiction?

Coconut Oil Hacks: Fact or Fiction? Find on 5 Points

If you look up the word ‘coconut oil’ on Google, it will give you over one billion results!

One quick search of “coconut oil” on Pinterest and you’d think it’s the secret to solving all of the world’s problems. Its natural remedies do work- sometimes.

Yes, there are so many great benefits of using coconut oil, especially as an alternative beauty product. Coconut oil can be your go-to hair conditioner and make-up remover in one bottle.

That’s why we thought you’d like to know some coconut oil hacks that will make your life easier when it comes to this precious product.

We asked New York City dermatologist Francesca Fusco to sort fact from fiction. Here are just a few coconut oil hacks.

1As a Hair Mask: YES

You have probably heard about the many benefits of coconut oil. It’s been used for skin and hair care for centuries. You can use it for making hair masks and body scrubs because it has so many great properties.

As a hair mask, coconut oil works?
“Absolutely — there was even a study done comparing coconut oil to sunflower and mineral oils, and it turns out coconut oil can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft than those other options,” says Fusco.

It reduces protein loss that can occur from things like heat styling and brushing, so it’s definitely worth incorporating into your routine from time to time.

2To Prevent Stretch Marks: NO

“Stretch marks form when skin expands and stretches and the collagen and elastic fibers deep down are pulling, which creates little scars- it’s trauma,” Fusco says.

“I think people imagine that using an oil as the skin stretches will help, but it just doesn’t work that way.”

To really tackle the lines, treat them with a prescription retinoid while they’re still new and reddish purple — that’s when you’ll have the best luck, she says.

3To Fight Frizz: SORT OF

While the oil will coat the hair and squash your frizz, Fusco questions whether someone would be happy with the resulting look — it may be more slicked down than you were hoping for.

4To Sooth Psoriasis and Eczema: YES

Trans-epidermal water loss (when water evaporates from the skin) is the problem for people with eczema on the face, so Fusco says coconut oil definitely can help with a flare up.

Psoriasis happens when the skin turnover rate is much faster than it should be, resulting in raw, red skin, so the anti inflammatory properties of the oil (thanks to lauric acid) is a nice, natural choice for calming everything down.

“It’s also great because it doesn’t have any preservatives, which can sometimes set off these skin conditions,” Fusco says.

5To Sooth Bug Bites: MAYBE

“Coconut oil’s natural anti-inflammatory properties could possibly reduce redness and swelling,” Fusco says, adding that for the same reason, it might help quiet down a pimple as well.

Final Thoughts

Do you guys remember the time when coconut oil was considered to be evil and unfit for human consumption? The time when everyone believed that it will increase your LDL (bad) cholesterol, lead to heart diseases and clog your arteries.

Fortunately, our perception towards this beautiful oil has changed over the years and we have rediscovered its numerous benefits.

It helps in weight loss, improves digestion and is great for hair, skin, and even teeth. But there are certain things that can put a person off again.

If you are someone who is still not completely sold on coconut oil or is looking to up your game with these oils- these coconut oil hacks that might entice you.