Wedding photos to pornography In India, Studio Owner Arrested


Police arrested two people after a photo studio in the Indian state of Kerala said that they used women photographs to their pornographic purposes.

This studio, named Sadayam, makes wedding pictures in particular.

The complaint is being made to change the pictures of girls coming to different wedding ceremonies, making porn pictures from them, and spreading them through social media.

India's information technology law is about to block porn sites.
India’s information technology law is about to block porn sites. Photo: BBC

The complaint against the studio in Vadakara City’s ‘Sadayam Shot and Edit’ said that many local women found that their wedding pictures were distorted and spreaded through social media.

The news media of Kerala said that there was panic in the area. Kerala State Women Commission filed a lawsuit against it.

The police started investigating the incident.

The two owners of the studio, Dinesham and Satishan were arrested. The studio also closed by the police and seized documents.

BBC says, Adult Site Pornhab published a report in 2015, shows global statistics of pornographic sources; There found, India’s name is the fourth source of pornographic traffic on the Internet, just ahead of USA, UK and Canada.

That year, the Telecom Ministry in India ordered ISPs to block more than 850 pornographic websites. But within just a few days, the government lags behind it.

To sum up all the pornography rules in India:

  • Watching porn at home is not illegal.
  • Saving it on your personal laptop, smartphone, storage media is also not illegal.
  • Distribution/Sale/Showcasing/Publishing/Sending on private messages etc. is illegal.
  • Sending porn videos/images/texts or anything depicting sexually explicit acts (unless educational) to someone is also illegal.
  • Sex stories are also sexually explicit content.
  • Whether ISPs are causing transmission of such porn into the country is a grey area but practically they will not be held responsible except for child pornography.
  • Child Pornography, in any sense, watching, saving, sharing etc. is totally illegal.

In a report on India today, they said “Despite crackdown, India emerges as one of biggest contributors, consumers of child porn

The report also says: “35-38 per cent of the total porn uploaded on the web is related to children or teenagers. Keywords like “schoolgirls”, “teens” and “desi girls” are among the top searched as they lead to child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

Analysis by cyber security experts showed that 35-40 per cent of content downloaded daily from India is pornography, which would be in several thousand terabytes.”

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