Which shops accept the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a Payment Gateway
Bitcoin is making popular day by day. Now, More and more websites and shops are accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. At the international level, the distribution is already much more...
Trump administration’s wishes to the Bengalis of the world on the occasion of the first Baishakh
The Trump Administration has greeted the Bengali people around the world on the occasion of celebrating Pahela Boishakh on the first day of Bangla New Year. "On behalf of President...
“The quota system will be scrapped as the students do not want it,” the premier said while addressing at the parliament this afternoon.
Cancellation of quota system: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in parliament
The quota system will be revoked, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a question-answer session on the parliament today. Responding to a supplementary question of MP Jahangir Kabir Nanak, the...
The crypto winners of the week
Golem (+ 108 percent)* Golem posted a phenomenal price increase of 108 percent last week  . A golem is currently traded for around € 0.33*. The driving force behind the price rise was and is certainly the...
Cryptocurrency technologies can help in the fight against crypto criminals
"And cryptography, biometrics and artificial intelligence will further enhance digital protection and help you to track suspicious transactions almost in real time."
Bitcoin.org website no longer guarantees fast transactions and low commissions
Bitcoin conquered millions of people with promises of fast peer-to-peer transactions with reduced commissions. But as the popularity of this crypto currency grows , bitcoin users are constantly faced...
Salsa Chicken
Dash is no longer in the top ten. What to expect next?
Dash lowered the authority of bitcoin and even at times considered bitcoin to be something of a relic of the past. And now the same thing happens with Dash itself : it was replaced by a rather small coot Tron.

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