The crypto winners of the week


Golem (+ 108 percent)*

Golem posted a phenomenal price increase of 108 percent last week  . A golem is currently traded for around € 0.33*.
The driving force behind the price rise was and is certainly the launch of a first beta version of Golem on the Ethereum Mainnet.  

Bytom (+ 73 percent)*

Bytom is the biggest winner of the week in terms of market capitalization. With a rise of 73 percent Bytom is currently traded for € 0.73 *.

On the one hand, Bytom announced last week a partnership with the East Lake Big Data Exchange.

On the other hand stands for today, the 15.04. the “Bytom Algorithm Public Release” at MIT in Boston. It will be the first time to fully reveal details of the tensority algorithm.

IOTA (+ 55 percent)*

The IOTA share price rose about 55 percent * last week *. An IOTA is trading at 1.26 euros * at the editorial time.

One reason for the price increase could be the message announced on Monday that IOTA was allowed to announce another well-known supporter in the IOTA Foundation. Dr. Rolf Werner is responsible for Fujitsu’s European market, oversees all Fujitsu business in the DACH region and has joined the IOTA Foundation.

OmiseGo (+ 50 percent)*

OmiseGo has grown 50 percent over the past 7 days. The price for an OMG is currently 11.33 Euro *.

In the past week there was no special event in our view, which would justify the sharp rise in price. Rather, it is the sustainability and strength of the project in the long term that was the key factor after the entire market recovered this week. In our opinion, OmiseGo is one of the best projects when it comes to the continuous and professional development of your project.

With the development of the Decentralized Exchange (DEX), OmiseGo could become a central element in the Ethereum network. By implementing the plasma scaling solution , which will be able to process millions of transactions per second, OMG will be offering a powerful DEX this year that supports both the input and payouts of ETH and ERC20 tokens.