Britney Spears traveled to Louisiana to quarantine with her family, says sister Jamie Lynn.

Britney Spears is quarantining at home in Los Angeles, but as the pandemic shutdown the country, she had traveled to Louisiana to be with the rest of the Spears family.

Her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, told Entertainment Tonight, “Britney was like, ‘I want to come home. I don’t want to be by myself out here,’ because all of her family’s pretty much here” in Kentwood.

The Sweet Magnolia star said her famous sibling “was able to come home for almost two weeks,” which included the birthdays of Jamie Lynn (April 4) and the Zoey 101 alum’s 2-year-old daughter Ivey (April 11).

“But then, of course, she has her children and all that stuff and her home,” Jamie Lynn said of Britney’s sons Sean Preston, 14, and Jayden James, 13, who live with their dad, Kevin Federline, 70 percent of the time. “So she went back to Los Angeles just a couple weeks ago.”

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On April 10, Us Weekly reported that Britney was in Kentwood “to visit her mom [Lynne], dad [Jamie], sister Jamie Lynn and her nieces,” said a source.

If she did see her father, it would mean they buried the hatchet over the reported incident involving Sean Preston in August. Things are solid between Britney and her mom.

In addition to celebrating birthdays, they were “enjoying fun, relaxing downtime together,” the insider told Us. “Britney is keeping up with her workouts and listening to a lot of music and watching a lot of movies to pass the time when they are not doing family activities.”

Britney didn’t announce her return to her hometown on social media, but she did share a photo with Louisiana vibes. In the comments, some fans speculated she was home for a visit.

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