Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and film actress Bani Kapoor’s film ‘Befikre’ was released in theaters last Friday, December 09, 2016. From the beginning, the audience was a little more augmented surrounding the film dimensions. Most of the Bollywood viewers were waiting for the release of the film.

However, interestingly, it is not because of the story of a film. There are a record number of kiss scenes available on this film.

Ranveer in the Film befikre. Photo: News18

Most of his films Ranveer Singh was the partner of Deepika Padukone. But, on ‘Befikre, Not Deepika, people were more interested to look Ranveer’s chemistry with Bani Kapoor. For that why people were going to Movie theater. What made the film that surrounds Enthusiasm, which proved to be the first day of the film at the box office collections.

The first day of the Aditya Chopra directed film has a 10 billion dollar business.