Saudi Arabia pours hundreds of billions of dollars into Movies, Entertainment


Mr. Al-Khatib says, “Inshallah, by 2020, you will see a real change in Saudi Arabia.”

As part of the initiatives taken by Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman to undertake social and economic reforms in the country, it has been decided to invest around $ 60 billion in the entertainment industry in the coming decade.

Ahmed bin Akib al-Khatib, head of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority, said the huge amount of money would come from both public and private sector.

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman- nondon blog
Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman |

More than five thousand programs are being organized in fifty cities across the country in Saudi Arabia this year.

In the capital Riyadh, the construction of an opera house in the city of Sydney, Australia has started.

Mr. Al-Khatib says, “Inshallah, by 2020, you will see a real change in Saudi Arabia.”

Recent Comic-Con Festival in Saudi- nondon blog
Recent Comic-Con Festival in Saudi |

The young Prince of Saudi Arabia announced that the Vision 2030 plan has been started in this area and the film has been launched in the country, concert is also being organized.

A few days ago a comic-cum cultural festival was also organized in Saudi with the popular characters of various comics.

Apart from this, the National Day which was recently celebrated in Saudi Arabia, both men and women participated for the first time.

Saudi boys and girls danced together on the road to electronic music, which was never seen before.