DIY-Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders


    Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders

    DIY-Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders

    The days of dashing through sprinklers, playing at the park, and in general, spending the majority of your time outdoors are quickly coming to an end. For many of us, fall weather has already descended. In the midwest, temperatures are already low enough to warrant light jackets. For moms everywhere this means finding fun and educational indoor activities – FAST! For many, it means breaking out some hands on crafts that allow the little ones to exercise creativity, motor skills, and excess energy while learning a thing or two.

    • Pine cones – Look for those that are open to make spreading the peanut butter a lot easier.
    • Peanut butter – Don’t be afraid to buy off-brand or cheap peanut butter…the birds won’t mind!
    • Twine
    • Bird seed
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    Get Instructions:  DIY-Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders