DIY Black Cat o’lanterns


    DIY black cat o'lanterns

    DIY Black Cat o'lanterns

    Create a spooky trio of glossy black cats to watch over trick-or-treaters at your door. All you need are a few pumpkins in feline shapes ― long or pear-shaped for the body, small and round for the face.

    • Knife or carving kit
    • Pumpkins
    • Pen
    • Scissors
    • Stiff felt or paper for ears
    • Newspaper
    • Curved cucumber or skinny gourd for tail
    • Mini pumpkins for paws
    • Black floral spray
    • Wood floral picks ((5 or 6 per pumpkin; optional))
    • Mallet or hammer for attaching picks to base pumpkin ((optional))
    • Tea-light candle in flat dish or jar lid
    • Clay polymer or poster putty

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