New Generation New Politics

Talk about politics, then no better example can be seen than the USA. The 2016 presidential elections left many Americans searching for answers as many were in disbelief when Donald Trump came to power respectively. The current generation is considered as Generation Z’ that will surely change the fortune of the country for the future decades.
The Generation Z is slowly becoming the largest group of eligible voters that will completely replace the Millennials in few years. It was the first time that they had voted in 2016 and that they had less confidence in current government at that time. They care for the society more than ever and saw lack of progress to address any issues affecting the society.
Areas like employment, education and racial equality are the important concerns of this group. They intend to overcome the problems with innovation and hard work. The promising part is that Entrepreneurship is addressing many concerns and Generation Z has become efficient at it to find the solution for the respective niches and take effective measures with time. According to a research, this group has been identified as fiscally conservative and moderate as they have developed a sense of financial responsibility due to the entrepreneurial bent they have experienced.
The recession and budget cuts had greatly impacted the lives of the Generation Z that has led to a self-deterministic mindset that aims to overcome the root of the social problems in the USA. It is believed that they will not rely on the Government to fix the problems anymore. They will use their intelligence, potential, and creativity to work differently and to fix problems in the best possible manner.