Shake Shack Roboestaurant

    New Roboestaurant’ to be equipped with touchscreens by Shake Shack to replace counter staff
    The popular burger chain Shake Shack will have something new to show soon. it will launch a new outlet soon in the East Village in Astor Place where the robots will replace humans and handle all the orders and cash. The ordering and delivery process will take place through an app. The customers will place an order through the touchscreen kiosks or the app inside the restaurant.
    The restaurant’s app could also be used to pay through the tablets and Smartphones. The CEO Garutti stated that the Astor Place shack will be a testing ground where the company would be able to assess the changing needs of the customers. He looks forward to make dining an exciting experience through innovation to provide the best services for their guests.
    Another interesting aspect that will be seen is that buzzers at the outlet will be replaced by text messages. This will help to alert diners about the food when it gets ready. The new notification model will provide ample time to the customers to roam freely outside the restaurant while they would be waiting for the shakes, fries and the burgers.
    The restaurant staff will be paid a minimum of 15 dollars per hour to draw the best workers in the city. The chain also intends to provide innovative packaging and high-speed delivery in the future too. An optimized kitchen in the new outlet will increase the capacity to take many mobile orders. The design of the new Shake Shack outlet will feature the dining rooms and waiting areas similar to the existing branches in New York.