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The US-North Korea summit ends abruptly in Hanoi
Trump puts condescension aside, says he’s willing to talk to Kim
President Donald Trump said Saturday, he is open to talking to Kim Jong-un after calling the North Korean leader "Little Rocket Man" and expects some progress results from upcoming...
Chang's Spicy Chicken - Copycat from P.F. Changs
Trump hopes for better libel laws after book smashes him
The President of United States, Donald Trump has been seen praising himself as a genius several times and this time he has done it over a book’s portrayal of...
200,000 Salvadorans may be forced to leave the U.S. as Trump puts an end to immigration protection
The Trump administration has taken another action against the immigrants by canceling the interim residency permits of about 200,000 Salvadorans who have lived in the country since at least...

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