5 Cryptocurrencies for long-term investments up to 2020


1Bitcoin (BTC)
Everyone knows that bitcoin is the king of the currency. To this day, it remains the best coin for long-term investments. As the leader of the crypto industry, a pioneer in the field of block technology and a crypto currency with the highest market capitalization, bitcoin sets the bar for all altcoins.

Despite the fact that in recent months bitcoin is going through hard times, it will not go anywhere. In December 2017, the bitcoin rate reached a record high. Since then, the time of transactions and commissions has significantly decreased, so the scalability of bitcoin is no longer a concern. It should also be understood that the problems with network scaling are due to its commensurability with other crypto-currencies. The majority of crypto-currencies are close to the daily volume that bitcoin has reached , so bitcoin is incommensurable with altcoin in this indicator.

2Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum is the second crypto currency in which to invest money for the next two years.

The advantage of Ethereum over bitcoin is the use of smart contracts. By fulfilling the obligations of smart contracts, their terms are automatically implemented without the slightest human intervention.

At the same time, Ethereum developers can create decentralized applications (so called DApps) based on the blockbuster. With the growth in the number and success of these applications, the value of Ethereum also increases .

A necessary condition for the implementation of grandiose Ethereum plans is demand among users. The demand is conditioned, firstly, by the practical functionality of this currency based on foreign currency with different spheres of application, and secondly by the opportunity to make profitable investments into it.

3Litecoin (LTC)
Crypto-currency Litecoin – the so-called crypto-silver – appeared on the scene in 2011. The currency’s creator, Charlie Lee, positions it as a means of making transactions, giving the bitcoin a cumulative role. Litecoin approves new technological improvements, thereby helping the bitcoin to get rid of shortcomings.

The transaction processing time in the Litecoin network is four times less than the time it takes to process transfers in the bitcoin- system. Thus, Litecoin is great for making payments and transfers on a daily basis.

4Ripple (XRP)
Ripple takes the third position in the rating of Crypto-currency for long-term deposits. The excellent technology of the Ripple system , which is gaining popularity among banks, undoubtedly allows this crypto currency to claim the place of the outdated SWIFT system. In addition, Ripple is capable of processing 1,500 transactions per second, while bitcoin can process only seven transactions in the same second.

There are rumors that the famous crypto-exchange Coinbase is going to add Ripple to the list of traded coins, which is quite likely, since now Ripple ranks third among all the crypto-currencies. If this happens, the currency will become more accessible to investors and the growth rate of its popularity will increase.

5Stellar (XLM)
Crypto-currency Stellar Lumens, popularly known as Stellar , is an open source network that simplifies transfers of digital assets. It was created by Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb. Stellar and Ripple have much in common, since they are based on the same protocol. While Ripple’s crypto currency is focused on transactions between large financial companies and banks, Stellar, on the other hand, is created for small transfers between private individuals.

In December of last year, the sensational agreement with IBM and the general increase in the popularity of the Crypto currency increased its rate by more than 900%. It is expected that the currency growth will continue and in 2020 it will enter the top five of the largest and most popular currency.

However, in addition to the prospects, crypto-currencies also need to take into account the attitude of states towards them.