Stephen King is a US writer. He is called ‘King of Horror’, the King of the ghost story! Many of the films that were followed by his writings, which later got the impression. Last year, the movie IT produced by Stephen King’s book was raised. In 2016, at the US National Book Festival, he wrote about his writings in life! There are many people here!

A little earlier I was talking about the experience of finding the first book of my life. Carrie, my first novel

Once invited me to a bookstore in Mayen. Meet readers, give autographs, this was the purpose. I sat in a room with a table. The carrier’s few copies on the table. I remember, 5 people came all day.

Three of them are friends of my college. A fattened boy came too. He was looking for a book about Kung Fu. I helped him find the book, perhaps thankfully he also took a copy of my book.

Many people here today Authors are very much like ‘secret agents’. Let me see you You do not want to see me. So today’s experience is new to me.

Interestingly, I predicted many years before the Donald Trump. Wrote a book, name The Dead Zone (Laughter). So, after writing the book, the publisher sent me to New York. I had a whole day’s retirement.

So I went to Nathans Hot Dogs. I’ve always heard the restaurant’s words. So, I went there, ordered a few hot dogs. There is always a book with me. I was eating hot dogs at one corner and reading books.

I’m talking about 1979 or 1980. My hair was still black. The face was a bearded beard and eye glasses. I was thinking in my mind, I must have a lot of good luck!

You know, the authors are extremely liar. Our work is to create false stories.- Stephen King

Suddenly, a chef from Hensel was looking at me again and again. When I look at him, I look back at his eyes and squeezes his eyes. I used to mind reading again.

Looking back, I saw that he was watching me in a spectacular way. I thought that man must have recognized me! Well, I’m becoming a famous writer!

When I finished preparing to leave, the man came forward to me. He said, ‘are you acquainted?’ I said, ‘Everyone is known to anyone or anyone.’ He said, ‘No, that is correct. But are you a famous person? ‘I tried to say very calmly,’ Umm … can say. ‘He said,’ Are you Francis Ford Coppola? ‘

I said, ‘Yes!’ You know, the authors are extremely liar. Our work is to create false stories. Even I gave the guy an autograph, he went out happy.

This incident reminds me of another incident all the time. I was talking to my friend John Grisham once. John could tell a very good story. After a ceremony at the Bradenham Public Library, we were returning together.

Suddenly, John said, ‘Have you noticed a thing? We write in a country where people do not read a lot of books. “I do not know exactly how much I can say. But that’s right, the person I have forgotten how often many people have been calculated.

It has been so many times that people came running to me and said, ‘Are not you Steven Spielberg?’ I said, ‘you’re wrong. We both threaten man, but we are not the same person.

He scares with the shark and I scare the scary. ‘Many people came to me and said,’ I did not even read a book of yours. But I’ve seen all of your movies. ‘