25 Celebs Who will Celebrate their 40th Birthday in 2020


Time flies rude related to you just approximately having fun. It seems as if it was yesterday that the likes of Eva Green, Kim Kardashian, and Ryan Gosling were all in their 20s, very roughly to star in iconic movies.

But in 2020, each and every one these frightful stars are celebrating their 40th birthday anniversary!

We could make known that this is impossible, but the facts dont lie. Christina Ricci, who played the tiny, itsy-bitsy Wednesday Adams, is now forty years old. Who else is upon the list?

25 Celebrities Who will Hit 40 in 2020

25 Celebs Who will Celebrate their 40th Birthday in 2020

We’ve scoured the wiki pages and found 25 world-accurately-known celebrities who are about to hit the omnipotent 40.

Can you imagine how chilly it would have been if they completely one of went to the same educational? It’d be gone a immense reunion!

1 Zooey Deschanel, January 17


2 Jason Segel, January 18


3 Christina Ricci, February 12


4 Ronaldinho, March 21


5 Charlie Hunnam, April 10


6 Channing Tatum, April 26


7 Ellie Kemper, May 2


8 David Giuntoli, June 18


9 Melissa Rauch, June 23


10 Olivia Munn, July 3


11 Eva Green, July 6


12 Jessica Simpson, July 10


13 Kristen Bell, July 18


14. Gisele Bündchen, July 20


15 Maggie Lawson, August 12


16 Macaulay Culkin, August 26


17 Chris Pine, August 26


18. Michelle Williams, September 9


19 Zachary Levi, September 29


20 Ben Whishaw, October 14


21. Kim Kardashian, October 21


22 Ryan Gosling, November 12


23 Simon Helberg, December 9


24 Christina Aguilera, December 18


25 Jake Gyllenhaal, December 19

It’s end of 25. But we have one more. It’s Eliza Dushku. At December 30, Eliza Dushku will hit 40.

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