How To Make Foil Packs Perfect for the Oven, Grill, or Campfire


How To Make Foil Packs

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Turn your campfire — or even your grill! —into a working stove. All you need is a little aluminum foil, and you can make basically anything: steak stir-fry, quesadillas, cinnamon apples.

1. Spray your foil first to avoid any sticky situations. Then load it up with your favorite filling!

2. Now fold the top before sealing each end. Pro tip: Put the folded packs on a baking sheet to keep the kitchen-to-grill journey drip-free.

3. Place your foil pack over medium heat and cover. Grill (or bake in your oven, if that’s your preference) according to recipe instructions. The cook time will vary depending on the fillings and temp of your grill.

4. Use tongs to pull the packs off the grill and later to (gingerly) peel back the foil. Serve on a plate with sides and fixings, or just eat your meal straight off the foil. So simple, yet so delicious.