How did Bangladesh become Muslim? Watch the Video

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    How did Bangladesh become Muslim?

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    Sources :
    Web archive for Deutschenews
    The preaching of Islam: a history of the propagation of the Muslim faith By Sir Thomas Walker Arnold, pp. 227-228


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    2. They settled and reproduced faster than hindu population , which is evident even in India, rise in Muslim population. If policy is not corrected we will be like Jews. Left with small state. As we are brought up with idea of non violence , which i strongly believe. There must be correction in policy of Government. At least family planning
    3. Actually you missed or omitted lot of stuff post 1947, Bangladesh was created by concentrating Muslim population at that time called West Pakistan, when British left. And even after that remaining 1/3 of total non Muslim population was heavily persecuted by Pakistani army hence creating even more concentration. Also Bangladesh didn't gain Independence out of no where almost 3 million civilians died and India – Pakistan fought bloodiest was of recent time to create the country. otherwise good stuff.
    4. Could it be that the Indians considered the people of the region as Dalits. And, the Dalits were more amenable to Islam because there were no untouchables in Islam. Let's be real.
    5. You have no true knowledge of the dynasties in India. You failed to mention Afghan dynasities in India such as Sury, Lodeen, and Abdali dynasties. Also the Turk and Mogul dynasties you mentioned started buy Turk and mogul conquers
    6. I am a professional interpreter and I have never seen the word massification used outside of the context of the fashion industry. Massification in English is almost never used in the way it is used in this video. It is a false friend from Italian and French that shouldn't be used in English.
    7. Early Islam arrived in Europe at the beginning of the eighth century in the year 711, meaning after the death of the Prophet Muhammad for eighty years, while Islam did not reach Indonesia and Bangladesh except in very late ages.
    8. Islam is a wonderful religion that spreads very quickly. The number of Muslims will soon become 2 billion, although there are people who hate Islam and try to distort it, but it will remain the most wonderful religion.
    9. my question is, how come a country inside another country? How come someone from Calcutta has more related with someone from Mizoram, than Dhaka?re
    10. The researcher forgot or purposely hide the fact of British dividing the Bengal on the name of religion in 1912. .But after moguls he directly rushed Indian independence act poor research …. ?? The Bengal partion event of British laid the foundation for east pak in 1947 and then finally became independent in 1971 As Bangladesh