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Bangladesh and India brace for the strongest storm
Bangladesh and India brace for the strongest storm
Millions of people in Bangladesh and India are in the path of a cyclone which is due to make landfall in less than 36 hours, bringing damaging winds and heavy...
The speech of Father of the Nation on March 7, 1971, is now the most important document in the world- nondon blog
Top 5 Achievements on 2017: Bangladesh is in the process of development
Once upon a time, Bangladesh was called a basketless basket. The nature of the drought, flood and poor people was the reflection of Bangladesh. But in the last four...
Hasina has to support, but not passing Khaleda, says Pinak Ranjan
Former Indian High Commissioner Pinak Ranjan Chakraborty said that India should continue to support Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. But it is not bypassing former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia....

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