Are you worried over anxiety? What anxiety do and how to reduce?


Is it ever that, with a little matter, different thoughts come to mind? Maybe your test or office presentation tomorrow, the thought of the night’s sleep was wasted!

There are many people, who are concerned about little issues. What you do not have to do, you were also thinking about yourself. Doing yourself harm to your mind and body.

Additional worries are as bad as possible

BRAC University Counselor Maryam Sultana said this problem arose from the teenager’s age in some people. Various issues of adolescence, such as environmental or family customs, can all come in handy. It can be from the family too. Whatever the environment or the family, it will come out of itself. Because, there are many hazards on anxieties of various.


Here are 5 top effects of anxiety

1 Reduce self-confidence
If you take it by the beginning that it might not happen by you, then mentally it will turn negative for you. Your action plan, which can be completely destroyed in a moment. So whether it will happen or not, shake everything and do it properly.

2 Physical problems
Apart from psychological hazards, there will also be various physical problems. From anorexia to sleep, sleepiness, hypertension, headache, diabetes or even heart disease can be due to excessive anxiety. Many have ‘tension headaches’ or extra headaches. This can cause pain on your neck and eyes.

3 Mental problem
You will see irritable temperament, frustration, enthusiasm from start to finish, a little raging, forgotten, or anti-social behavior. It could not be anything that could easily be done before it was seen. In front of everyone you can easily angry. It’s harmful for both your family and your workplace.

4 Barriers to work properly
If you take the first step that you do not have, or you can not, then the enthusiasm of working properly is damaged. Normal life will be lost.


5 Break in a little bit
To survive is to struggle daily. And if you become anxious in anything, then the tendency of living with courage will be wasted, which will cause damage to your personality.

What are the way to salvation

1Emotional control
The result of excessive emotion is the reason for the loss. If you angry in the simple word you are negative for your personality. So, in any case, control emotions. Think about the matter with some time if needed.

2Leave the reins
The easiest way is to leave the key in some cases. It means that you have to do better, to get rid of such mentality. Trying different things on the way you try. Do the job accordingly. Don’t mind, Our lives are both good and bad.

2Learn to take everything lightly
Many people are getting this problem by the family. So first identify your problem before you can run. Learn to understand, this behavior of your family member is not right. Try to avoid these things in your own life. Learn to take everything lightly.

4Keep time allocated for yourself
For a while, allocate for yourself. If necessary, do hobbies. Many days you do not paint pictures? Start now again. Spend time with retired people, pets. You will see your self-confidence come back slowly.

5Get out of the behavior of blaming other
One of the problems of over anxiety is that to impute all anger or blame on a person. In this case, the distance will be created with you. So get out of this kind of behavior. Do not depend on others and give yourself some time. Mark your own problem, you have to get out of there yourself.

6Regular body exercises
If you go out of yoga exercise or for a walk at morning and evening, you will feel like yourself. Your anxiety will come out from such physical exertion. It will feel a lot unconcerned.