Celebrities with Insured Body Parts for Million Dollars


Having a lot of money means you probably have some talent that makes you a lot of money. Although it can range from intellectual intelligence or technological insight to having exceptional musical talent or artistic vision, to some people it is at least related. their body.

It seems shallow to insure your body parts, because it is, but in reality there is a huge list of celebrities who have insured the most insane parts of the body you can think of. We all look at her.

Rihanna – Legs

We know that she loves showing off her legs in her cute costumes, and she probably loves her legs so much that she decides to insure them for 1 million dollars. Daughter of Ri-Ri, you’re much more than a pair of legs – granted, awesome.

Body Part: Legs.  Insurance: It’s $1 million. Source: people.com

Mariah Carey – Legs and Voice

This list can’t be all the celebrities who protect their legs, but I’ll also tell you that this isn’t the last one. Maria, of course, guaranteed her voice for $35 million. This not only makes Mariah’s legs the most expensive body part on the planet, it also means that the singer cherishes her legs for 30 times the price of her voice.

Body Part: Legs.  Insurance: It’s $1 billion (reportedly). Information source slate.com

Keith Richards – Hands

What does one do once you’re one amongst the foremost picture guitarists of not one, however 2 generations (maybe even 3, he’s super old)? You get your hands insured for two million greenbacks.

I will perceive that –  this guy has been taking part in stringed instrument for the Rolling Stones for as long as anyone will bear in mind. That’d be exhausting while not his hands.

Body Part: hands. Insurance: $1.6 million. Source: Yahoo.com

Miley Cyrus – Tongue

This seems to have happened after she started sticking out her tongue in public, and it became like her trademark. I don’t know how these work. Literally for decades, what’s going on isn’t up to date. Anyway, did she insure her tongue for $1 million in case she couldn’t stick her tongue out to people because of some unusual accident with her?

Body Part: Tongue. Insurance: $1 million. Source: Dolly.com

Taylor Swift – Legs

Well, you thought we ended up on our feet, didn’t we? incorrect! Taylor guaranteed her $ 40 million in a true feminist way, where powerful women decided that their feet were their most distinctive feature despite the fact that they were artists. In her defense, this is all based on an Instagram post where she posted a photo of her injured paw and said her cat owed her $40 million, so a grain Should be taken with salt.

Tom Jones – Chest Hair

That’s right, this man is not afraid to admit that he came from a time when men were fluffy, manly men! He insured his chest hair for no less than 3,5 million dollars because he apparently annoyed female fans trying to feather his chest hair. I have so many questions after writing this story.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Legs

Finally, a person who protects his legs and makes money with his legs. The worst part of it all? They have insurance of only $ 90 million. As the highest-scoring striker in football history, his legs are protected by even 1/10 of the price set by the 90’s pop artist.