Changing Hydrangeas from Pink to Blue: How to do?

What if I told you that you could turn your typical pink hydrangeas into moody blue ones?

It wouldn’t happen overnight, of course, but it wouldn’t take much more effort than you put in when you were in the fourth grade working on your science fair project, would you be interested?

The following is a guide on how to alter the color of hydrangeas from pink to blue.

Changing Hydrangeas from Pink to Blue

Changing Hydrangeas from Pink to Blue: How to do
Changing Hydrangeas from Pink to Blue: How to do? Image source: NaturalLivingIdeas
What alters the color of hydrangeas?

The color of hydrangeas, with the exception of white varieties, is determined by the pH level of the soil in which they are grown. The alkalinity of the soil determines the shade of pink that the blossoms will be.

Increasing the acidity of the soil is the best way to transform pink hydrangeas into blue ones (or to prevent blue hydrangeas from turning pink).

So, you’ll need to increase the acidity of your soil if you want your hydrangeas to develop the stunning, iridescent violet-blue hue that these plants are famous for having.

Because of this, the aluminum in the soil is able to be released to your flowers, which assists in giving them a bluish colour.

Check the pH of your soil

A very little sample of soil is all that is required to determine the pH level.

If you know what “pH level” refers to, you get extra credit; I searched it up, and I discovered that “pH” stands for “potential of hydrogen,” which, translated into layman’s words, refers to the concentration of hydrogen ions in soil.

The alkalinity of your soil will increase proportionately with the concentration.

Check the pH of your soil first to see how difficult or simple it will be to bring it down to the desired level; for blue blooms, you should aim for a pH of between 5.2 and 5.5.

How to alter the pH of the soil for hydrangeas?

Changing Hydrangeas from Pink to Blue: How to do?
You can make your soil more acidic by incorporating organic components into it. Image source: Gardenista
It is possible that you would be better off embracing your gorgeous pink blossoms if the pH of your soil is fairly high. In any other case, the soil can be made more acidic by the addition of particular compounds.

Even while there are certain solutions on the market that can bring the pH down, the most effective method is always one that occurs naturally, even if it does take a little bit more time.

If you use organic mulch, it will assist to acidify the soil, and it will also be highly useful for the microbial life in your soil, as well as improve the quality of your soil.

You may try one that is made out of pine needles, pine bark, sawdust, citrus peels, vegetable peels, or even coffee grounds. In addition to that, it’s an effective approach to get rid of waste from the kitchen.

Moreover, eggshells that have been crushed will make the soil more acidic. Combine them with citrus peel and coffee grinds, then incorporate them into the soil.

Reduce Soil pH with Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can be used in a variety of ways in the garden. The usage of coffee grounds in gardens has received little scientific investigation.
Coffee grounds can be used in a variety of ways in the garden. The usage of coffee grounds in gardens has received little scientific investigation. Image source: the commons cafe
Add organic materials to your soil to make it more acidic. Coffee grounds are good. So is ground-up citrus peel. Work the mixture into the soil around the base of your hydrangea plant, and then water it in.

When should you perform this? After the bowl is filled, carry it outside to feed the hydrangeas. Keep the peels and grounds in a small bowl on the countertop.

Your hydrangeas should become significantly more blue by next year as the acidity of the soil gradually rises.

Reduce Soil pH with Aluminum Sulfate

You might also need to add some aluminum to the soil the next year if the previous year’s efforts did not produce any results.

Adding sulfuric acid, aluminum sulfate, or elemental sulfur to the soil is the most efficient technique to lower the pH of the soil.
There are items available to assist you in accomplishing this task.

Aluminum will be added to the soil as a byproduct of the decomposition of the organic molecules (making it more acidic).

It is also possible to raise the acidity level by adding diluted aluminum sulfate; one box of 4 pounds can be purchased from Amazon for $20.18.

You may find one from some other Garden Rich Aluminum Sulfate at Amazon.

What to do if hydrangeas turn too blue?

Is it possible for hydrangeas to get overly blue? It’s conceivable that the color pink is more to your liking.

If this is the case, you can make your soil more alkaline by adding Garden Lime. Gardener’s Supply sells a bag of 6.75 pounds of Garden Lime for $8.99.

You may find one on Amazon.