DIY-Tree Button Art


    DIY-Trees Button Art

    Making a bright textured tree by using colored buttons to create the foliage. Pick a color range of buttons to glue to the tree silhouette they have painted in black. Mount on card to support the weight.


    Don’t stick with upright trees, a windswept tree looks great. Look at images of Bonsai on the internet for some other ideas of good tree shapes.
    Tree leaves don’t have to be green. Warm coloured buttons make a great autumn tree, white buttons on a grey background look like snow on a winter tree.
    Tree foliage can have two colours, one main one with speckles of a contrasting colour so it looks like a flowering tree.
    Buttons don’t need to cover the tree, leave spaces at times.

    DIY-Trees Button Art

    • Black paint or ink
    • White card
    • Button collection ((craft stores))
    • Craft glue
    • Thick card to mount it on
    1. Paint a tree silhouette with branches on a piece of card
    2. Have buttons sorted by colour in big containers at a front desk. Students have a cup to collect buttons in the colour they need.
    3. Using craft glue, add the buttons around the branches trying to make them look like the leaves and foliage
    4. Mount on thicker card to hold the picture flat.