Samsung Galaxy A51 Phone the best selling smartphone in 2020


The Samsung Galaxy A51 phone remains a popular handset around the world, especially in Asia and Europe. Tech giant Samsung sold out the highest number of Android phones during the first quarter of 2020.

According to a recent report from market research firm Strategy Analytics, out of 6 top-selling smartphones during that time, 4 were the Samsung Galaxy A51 phone.

During that time, Samsung Galaxy A51 phone was the best selling Android smartphone, said a media statement.

During the first quarter, 6 million Samsung Galaxy A51 phone was shipped which covered 2.3% of all Androids sold globally during the tenure.

The Galaxy A51 is a popular handset around the world, especially in Europe and Asia.

Samsung Galaxy A51 phone

Samsung is making a big push to sell more of these phones in the US with the $399 Galaxy A51. That price puts it in direct competition with the iPhone SE, but there are plenty of other Android phones that come in under $500.

What makes the A51 different is Samsung’s marketing budget and partnerships. It is available unlocked on Amazon and Samsung’s website, which is significant for a midrange Samsung device, and it’s also on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and Xfinity Mobile.

Compared to the iPhone SE, the A51’s main draw is its screen, a big 6.5-inch OLED. Samsung is saying the phone is “awesome” across three specs: screen, camera, and battery life. It even made a bonkers meme-filled ad to drive those points home. (You should watch it because the ad really is awesome.) The Galaxy A51, sadly, is not quite that good.


  • Great 6.5-inch OLED screen
  • Headphone jack
  • Nice build quality


  • Camera isn’t anything special
  • Battery life isn’t what it could be
  • Slow

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Samsung Galaxy A51 phone Review

The success of the Samsung Galaxy A51 phone can be attributed to its impressive display, camera, and battery combination.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 phone doesn’t look or feel like a cheap phone at all. It is big and well-put-together. Samsung says that the material it’s made out of is called “Glasstic,” which sounds way chintzier than it feels. It feels nearly like glass, but it has just a bit of that hollow feel you can get from plastic.

It ships with 128GB of internal storage, which borders on very generous at $399. Plus, you can expand it with microSD storage. There’s also a headphone jack, which is a welcome inclusion at any price point but somewhat more important than usual at this one.

Unfortunately, that assessment extends to the processor and RAM as well. In the US, most familiar Samsung phones use Qualcomm processors, but this A51 uses a Samsung Exynos 9611, a midrange chip that isn’t quite up to the task of making this phone feel snappy. Apps take a long time to load — especially if they haven’t been opened recently and so aren’t already active in the 4GB of RAM.

Once you’re in a browser or an app, things move along at a decent enough clip. But every now and then, it struggles to render a screen or load up the next thing in your feed.

Finally, there’s the camera system, which consists of more lenses than necessary. The main lens has a 48-megapixel sensor that kicks out 12-megapixel images by default. Those images are, like virtually any camera these days, decent enough in good lighting. I was pleasantly surprised to see good white balance, something that Samsung sometimes misses on. But Samsung’s other bad tendency of unnaturally lifting shadows is still sticking around.

You probably know what’s coming: it falls down hard in low light — worse than the iPhone SE, in fact. And when you really zoom in on details on the A51, there’s a lot more mess than you’d get on other smartphone cameras — including at 48 megapixels.

Some Best selling Samsung Galaxy A51 phones we recommend for you

However, it wasn’t just the Samsung Galaxy A51 phone that clocked in great numbers for Samsung; the company could manage to get four of its phones in the list of top six best selling smartphones in the quarter.

When it comes to global smartphone sales, Samsung dominates the Android share with its budget and mid-range devices with camera, display, and performance equipped with the latest technology.

The company’s Galaxy A series is so popular among users that it took the top three spots in the best-selling Android smartphones list last year.
Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent decline in smartphone sales, Samsung seems to be continuing the trend this year.

Cited in global reports, Juha Winter, associate director at the Strategy Analytics said, “As mobile operators have reduced subsidies in recent years, and many countries are now tumbling into post-virus recession, smartphone consumers globally are becoming increasingly price-sensitive, and they are seeking out new Android models that deliver the biggest bang for their buck.”