Dash is no longer in the top ten. What to expect next?


Dash achieved good results: this crypto currency was included in the top ten most valuable and potentially profitable digital coins. It seems that the creators and investors of Dash have nothing to worry about. But do not be so sure, especially when there are competitors such as TRON. What happened? Why did Dash fall out of this ten?

Dash – the ghost of the past

Back in the beginning of January, everything was not so bad: the digital coin again went up . And now its cost has grown by as much as 5.91%, which is 1,325 dollars for just one coin, and this figure is much higher than most of the coins in the market. So, if you bought Dash at a time that was problematic for him, now everything will go awry. But despite the recent increase in Dash and the steady increase in its price for one coin, he surrendered his position and descended to 11th place.

With a market capitalization of 10 340 952 461 dollars and more than 7 million Dash in circulation, this koin can be called not just profitable, but super-profitable in the world, crypto-currency. Dash , or Digital Cash – one of the first coins aimed at eliminating the shortcomings of the original digital koin, i.e. Bitcoin: Dash is committed to innovations that make transactions even easier than with bitcoin. And, of course, everything was not in vain, and bitcoin became the younger brother of Dash , who earns less, but costs, in fact, more.

Compared to bitcoin, Dash has implemented innovations in privacy and fast transactions, in which it is impossible to track them, and the address of your wallet and the number of transactions are available only to you. You can not say anything about bitcoin. That’s why Dash managed to get into the top ten most valuable crypto-currencies that exist now in the digital currency market.

Dash lowered the authority of bitcoin and even at times considered bitcoin to be something of a relic of the past. And now the same thing happens with Dash itself : it was replaced by a rather small coot Tron.

You’ve probably heard of Tronix (TRX), known as the Tron, a digital coin closely associated with the entertainment industry. He works on a decentralized Tron platform, whose goal is to contribute to the development of the entertainment industry, i.e. Simplify access to entertainment content and facilitate its purchase and sale. On January 4, Tron hit the top ten of the Crypto-currency, took 9th place, drove out Dash and lowered it below the skirting board. Now Dash is in 11th place in the world ratings of the koin, and Tron, like the newly emerging first-class coin, just bathes in the rays of glory.

And how did Tron displace Dash from the top ten?

As Tron attracts more and more attention, interest in this coin is gradually growing, and, naturally, he rises up the career ladder. And although Dash is no longer in the top ten, the results of the last rating do not affect its value. Coins lose value if something changes in the market, mainly when they sell currencies more than they buy, or they are sold at the lowest (and sometimes even lower) price, and the trading volumes for 24 hours are taken into account. Fortunately, Dash investors have nothing to worry about, as Dash has no signs of a possible collapse or price reduction.

Nevertheless, Tron hopes for new investors and partners , because the founder of Tronix has announced (and although it is not yet confirmed) about cooperation with several large companies, whose names are still not disclosed.

In general, January 4 was a good day for Tron, and Dash was not hurt, as its price is still growing, which increases the authority of the koin compared to last year. Tron investors look forward to a successful year and hope that Dash owners will pause to enjoy the way Dash grows and gains “weight.”

Note: This article is not a recommendation for investing. Thoroughly study all aspects before investing in any cryptocurrency.