Bitcoin is bigger than the internet, says billionaire Tim Draper


Star investor and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper has already drawn attention to Bitcoin price forecasts in the past. With Bitcoin heading toward $ 10,000, Draper reiterated that he believes Bitcoin will be one of the biggest revolutions since the introduction of the Internet.

The Bitcoin price has climbed to a 30-day high of $ 9,740 last night, not far from the $ 10,000 mark.

Also, the market capitalization rose to $ 436 billion, and shortly thereafter to go through a small setback.

Tim Draper became known through investments in the companies Tesla, or Skype. At the weekend, Draper was invited to a panel discussion at the Intelligence / Manhattan Institute, where he was asked if Bitcoin could be compared to its previous investment decisions.

Draper pointed out that Bitcoin is bigger than everything together (freely translated):

Bitcoin is bigger than the internet. It’s bigger than the industrial revolution. This will affect the entire world and become more relevant than you can imagine.

Recently, Tim Draper predicted a Bitcoin price of $ 250,000 by 2022 , garnering popularity and fierce criticism.

The complete discussion about whether Bitcoin is a bubble is ridiculous. Our last bubble was the internet. What happened to the Internet until today? You still use the internet. That was not a bubble, but an amazing change in our world. he said.

We are confident in the crypto market and, of course, hope that Tim Draper’s Prognoses will actually come true.