Valentines Day: How to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship


Great thinkers and artists have marveled at human beings’ ability to love unconditionally for centuries, so it is no wonder that this powerful emotion got its own holiday. Valentines Day does not have to be ruined due to physical absence if you’re involved in a long-distance relationship. There are many creative ways you and loved one can share this holiday even if you’re miles apart.

The Wonders of Modern Technology

This Valentine’s Day, you can stay connected by taking advantage of the world’s scientific achievements. With so many exciting ways to communicate through the magic of modern technology, the bond between your distant lover and loved ones can grow when sharing this holiday in creative and fun ways.

Communication is at its best for long distance couples with the use of a Webcam or Face time. By using these devices, you and your loved ones can see and talk to each other on the computer, which is as close to being physically together as possible.Cellular phones can now send and receive picture and messages instantly. This Valentine’s day, make sure that you and your loved ones can use technology to keep each other updated throughout their day and by talking to one another and sharing photos.


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Valentines Day: How to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship | Photo: Newsmobile

Whether it is Valentine’s, Christmas, or a Birthday, everyone enjoys receiving gifts! The gift chosen should have a memory attached, sentimental value, or is personal in some way to make it a successful Valentine’s present. Presents sent with love will surely ease the pain of being a long distance this holiday! Here are a couple of gift suggestions, to make your long distance relationship, this Valentine’s day simple, but sentimental.

Pictures and scrapbooks

Pictures can be organized and displayed in scrapbooks, chronicling your relationship and memories shared between your long distance partner or friends. Not only is this an affordable and fun gift, but the time and love put into each page will make this Valentine’s gift one that will be cherished.

Beautiful bouquets and delicious desserts

If your loved one is more traditional, chocolates and flowers will forever be a trademark of this holiday. Sending a beautiful bouquet and delicious desserts are a great way to let someone know that they are being thought about and cared for this Valentine’s day.

valentines-2Cologne and Perfume

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I know, a very common present, but it’s still one of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day. Many companies have gifts sets already wrapped together and ready for you to buy conveniently. If you’re celebrating a new long distance relationship or just completely out of ideas, perfume or cologne is your best bet.

Spa Pamper Packaging

Many options are available from chain salons and spas. Most will also have packages already put together for men and women. What’s not to like about a relaxing pampering session. Your loved one will appreciate that you want them to be pampered, even though you two are miles apart.

Body Care

There are so many fun and new body care sets on the market today, in different sizes, scents, and price ranges. I know it may seem like a girly gift, but there are many great options for men as well.

No matter the type or seriousness of your long distance relationship, it can only grow over the miles with effective communication. From using a webcam to sending flowers or cologne, loved ones just need to feel special and thought about on Valentine’s Day.