Today’s Midnight Coffee Session was Fantastic at all!


It was really fantastic today’s midnight coffee session! How?

Some doctors advise me not to take coffee or milk-tea at night time whereas my blood group is O+. I also read some medical journals about the matter that it is related to indigestion. I accept that I’m a patient with gastro-intentional problems. But, more likely, I’m interested to take a hot coffee or milk-tea at mid-night. I’m in a habit of this Unhealthy lifestyle!15554820_227410974366479_1877031589_n
Moreover, sometimes I take coffee or milk-tea twice after dinar!

So, habitually I was felling needy for a cup of coffee or milk-tea when it was 3.10 and when I was working with code! It was some CSS tasks with a website for my new client. Menatime, Asha proposed to make tea! So, I’m happy!

15571046_227409311033312_1974938170_nAfter a while, with some butter toast she arrange 2 cup of milk-tea. Oh, we collected new cups for coffee today! So, As well, It was fantastic to enjoy tea with deep condensed milk on a new crystal cup!

Oh yes, we made some photographs also! No doubt, It is also a bad-habit!