Dutch Artist turns Pets into Disneyfied Cartoon Characters


The term “Disneyfication” is quite recent. It’s only been around for a decade, maybe less, and yet the Internet loves it! The idea is to take a certain “thing”, like movie characters, people, or in our case, animals, and draw them in that distinctive Disney style.

Well, the term also has a different, more corporate meaning, but no one’s using that one anymore.

The Dutch artist, Isa Bredt, has managed to reinforce the positive side of Disney. She specializes in drawing cutesy animals using that classic animation style you can immediately recognize.

Here’s Isa and her lovely creations:

It may have started as a couple of drawings “for fun,” but
since then, her Instagram turned into somewhat of a message board.

This kitty may have a droopy ear but he’s still adorable.

Count Meowcula at your service!

baby possum is too cute for this world.

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