How to make homemade Shimmering Eye Shadow

Eye shadow can be an amazing eye-enhancer, but if you are using an eye shadow loaded with toxic ingredients. This is why you might want to make your own Shimmering Eye Shadow.

Choosing the right products, or making your own with the right ingredients, can give you the best natural skin care and beauty products.

Shimmering Eye Shadow

How to make homemade Shimmering Eye Shadow
You may get the greatest natural eye care by picking the correct products or by producing your own with the proper components. Image source: Charlotte Tilbury
Eye makeup with a shimmering finish contains small glitter particles that shine as you move because they catch the light.

When the shadows shift, the color might shift as well since the undertone, which is often a deeper and more matte tone, is now visible.

Shimmering eye shadows are great for:
  1. Adding dimension! Use a sparkly champagne hue in the center of the lid to make it more vibrant.
  2. Celebrate the eye’s anatomy with light.
  3. Apply pearly shimmer to the brow-bone and inner corner for a youthful glow.
  4. Glam up at night! The shimmer looks great in dim light.
  5. Shimmer shadows mix well and may be brushed across the lid to create a sheeny wash.
  6. Shimmer shadows may be applied with a finger for exact application and vivid color.

How to Make Homemade Shimmering Eye Shadow

How to Make Homemade Shimmering Eye Shadow

This shimmering eye shadow pigments are frequently ground to such a fine powder that the shadows do not sparkle but rather glisten and glimmer instead.

Main Ingredients:
  1. ½ tsp arrowroot powder
  2. ¼ tsp pure shea butter
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Process to Make Shimmering Eye Shadow

How To Make Shimmering Eye Shadow

To make your homemade eye shadow, place 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of arrowroot powder in a small bowl. I like using a mortar bowl and pestle to help blend ingredients.

The following ingredients can be combined to create different variations of color. For example, a little beet root powder and cacao powder will create shades of pink.

Turmeric powder will give a golden glow, while just using cacao powder will give a brown tint.

If you want a lighter eye shadow, use a little less arrowroot powder. It’s easy to add more as you go, so starting with less will be more flexibility in your recipe rather than starting with more.

You can put some shimmer into your homemade eye shadow add just a little mica dust and blend.

Now, you can add color! Let’s try a gold color using turmeric powder and cacao. Blend well, using the pestle, until you get the color you desire.

Now that you have created your favorite color, add about ¼ teaspoon of shea butter to the mixture.

You can gently blend it using the back of a small spoon or a mortar and pestle. The shea butter helps create a soft, creamy powder that stays on and moisturizes at the same time though it will still be a powdery texture.

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