Try This to Keep Pesty Mosquitos Away

Afroza Asha

Garden Tip

I haven’t tried this so I can’t guarantee their effectiveness. Would love for you to share in comments whether they work for you, or if you know some other ideas that we haven’t mentioned!

Here are the top three most popular repellent plants that are pretty, too!

Lemongrass: is a tender tropical grass that will not survive the winter in areas colder than zone 8, so is best used in containers. It is the most popular and, reportedly, effective mosquito repelling plant!
Lavender: I also grow a lot of lavender, and I love the smell. I actually go out and pick a lavender stem when I wander my garden just to enjoy the stress relieving scent. Also a great mosquito and fly repellent.


Sage: Sage is great as a garden or potted plant, and comes in ornamental varieties that are purple and golden as well. Also great tossed onto a BBQ or fire pit to add some repellent properties to the air.