Try these 10 Secrets to keep Mosquitoes Away from Yard

How to keep Mosquitoes away from yard? Actually, it’s not so simple as said. But we can make some better try.

You should try some lemongrass, lavender, and/or sage, since these are some of the best types. Plant them in the vicinity of places where you have observed mosquitoes congregating frequently in the past.

Alternatively, you can use some repellents to kill mosquitoes or can take some steps to prevent future mosquito problems.

How to keep mosquitoes away from yard

You should try some lemongrass, lavender, cand/or sage to keep mosquitoes away from yard
You should try some lemongrass, lavender, cand/or sage to keep mosquitoes away from yard. Image source:

When it comes to protecting your house, yard, and landscaping, one of the most crucial stages is learning how to keep mosquitoes away.

In this article, we’ll discuss on a variety of ways and products that can help you keep mosquitoes away from yard with just a few simple steps.

Use the following strategies to ward off and get rid of mosquitoes, which will help prevent further issues.

1 Use Bug Lights that designed to repel bugs

Bug Lights to keep mosquitoes away from yard
These Bug Lights were created specifically to keep pests away. Image source: Amazon
Use yellow lighting over the more common white lighting to avoid attracting bugs. These Bug Lights were created specifically to keep pests away.

Also, the golden glow enhances the outdoor atmosphere. Before going to bed, extinguish the exterior lighting as well.
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You may see from our choices:

2 Plant Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Plant Mosquito-Repelling Plants to keep Mosquitoes Away from Yard
A few of these plants should be placed in pots and scattered around the area’s perimeter. Image source: Gurney’s
If you want to spend time outside on your deck or patio, you should put a couple of these plants in pots and place them around the perimeter of the area.

Not only will this help to keep mosquitoes away, but it will also add some beauty to the scene.

Also, place some of these plants on your window sills and all around the locations where you like to sit for added protection.

Here are the top three most common plants that are used as insect repellents and also look attractive!


Lemongrass is a delicate tropical grass that cannot withstand temperatures lower than zone 8, and as a result, it should be grown in pots rather than the ground. It is the most well-known and, according to reports, most effective plant for warding off mosquitoes!


I also plant a lot of lavender, and I find that I really enjoy the aroma of it. I actually go out and pick a stem of lavender whenever I am walking around in my garden, simply so I can appreciate the aroma, which helps me relax and unwind. In addition to that, it is an excellent insect repellant.


Sage grows well in both gardens and containers, and it is also available in golden and purple varieties that are grown purely for their ornamental value. You can also use it to add some repellent characteristics to the air by throwing it onto a barbecue or fire pit.

3 Protect Mosquitoes with Patio Shield

Bug Protection with Patio Shield
Thermacell Patio Shield is straightforward and provides hours of scent-free, mess-free mosquito protection for the garden and beyond. Patio Shield mosquito protection is portable and requires no batteries or cables, making it ideal for partying, gardening, poolside, and more. Image source: Amazon
Mosquitoes, stay away! The Thermacell Patio Shield will provide pest protection for a 15-foot radius.

This is the real deal, according to the 42K reviews with over 26,000 five star ratings on Amazon. It doesn’t need batteries or wires to operate because it is heat-activated.

When it’s time to refill, unscented repellent mats change color and last up to four hours apiece. This is a terrific method for fending off annoying mosquitoes because there is no mess, no DEET, no spray, and no chemicals that go on the skin.
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3 Set up Walls Covered with Nets

Secrets to keep Mosquitoes Away from Yard
Sonoma outdoor canopy gazebo shades any outdoor space, making it ideal for your yd. This weatherproof soft top garden tent is made of high-quality materials for years of outdoor entertaining without heavy wear. Image source: Amazon
Installing a gazebo in your yard that has netting on the walls is both an elegant way to spruce up your outdoor space and an effective approach to ward off pests like flies and mosquitoes.

You can purchase draped mosquito nets to hang from your outdoor umbrella if you don’t have much additional space.

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keep Mosquitoes Away from Yard

As I personally haven’t put these instructions into practice, I can’t say for sure whether or not they work.

We’d be grateful if you could let us know in the comments whether or not these work for you, as well as if you have any other suggestions that we haven’t considered.