7 Clay Pot Garden DIY Yard Projects




7 Garden Ideas and DIY  Yard Projects to get you ready for Spring! All of these are fantastic & unique ideas that look so much fun to make. We included everything from yard art, garden stones, green houses, planters, & more! I can’t wait to make some of these. These 7 Garden Yard DIY Ideas will give you the best looking yard in your neighborhood!


7 Clay Pot Garden DIY Yard Projects

1.Clay Pot HorsesWho knew how cute these would be? Check these out by Mary Alvarez

2. Turn your clay pots into Mom and little minions!!

3. Got some old golf balls at home? Check out these cute critters too. ladybugs, bumble bees,

4.  Make this Tiered Clay Pot Centerpiece! It’s so beautiful and easy.

5.  Turn some dollar store mini flower pots and candy jars into these adorablegumball machines for your Easter or Spring decor!

6. Light up your garden.  Add Nautical Style To Your Yard With a DIY Flower Pot Lighthouse. 

7. Outdoor Terra Cotta Clay Pot Candle Holders 3 simple steps by uncommon designs.