Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bites Recipe, Try It!

Are you looking for an exciting twist to a classic dinner favorite? Look no further than these Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bites recipe!

This delicious dish doesn’t take a lot of time to make, but it packs a punch of flavor that the whole family will love.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bites

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bites

Through this article, you’ll learn how to make this sweet and spicy chicken dinner masterpiece with just a handful of ingredients.

You’ll find out which ingredients provide the perfect balance of sweet and spicy to truly tantalize your taste buds.

Plus, learn how to customize this recipe to make it your own! In no time, you’ll be enjoying Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bites you’ll want to make again and again.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bites Recipe

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bites Recipe

What’s not to like about these Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bites that are covered in a sweet and spicy sauce, wrapped in bacon, then coated all over with the sauce? Ideal for any barbecue or tailgate gathering!

What you need

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How to prepare Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bites

Now, take the chicken and chop it into cubes about the size of ping pong balls.

After thoroughly combining the dry ingredients, place them in a bowl to use for dredging the chicken.

Divide each slice of bacon into thirds using a cutter. To coat the piece of chicken, roll it in the dry mixture.

Bacon should be wrapped around it. You may make it secure by using a toothpick to sew the bacon into the chicken.

Repeat rolling in the sugar and cinnamon mixture. Cook the bacon on the grill for about 25 minutes, until it is fully cooked and has a crispy outside.

If you do not have access to a grill, you may bake the bacon at 350 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes to achieve the desired crispiness.

Since sugars have a propensity to smoke, I find that the house has an unpleasant smoky atmosphere.

While cooking inside, cover the food with aluminum foil to prevent the oven from getting filthy.

Serve with Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing as dipping sauces.


This easy-to-make treat will quickly become a crowd favorite for its sweet and savory combination of flavors. You’ll also find out why this delicious recipe is an absolute hit amongst foodies and why it makes an ideal dish for entertaining guests.

So, let’s get to it and learn how to make these delightful sweet and spicy chicken bites that your friends and family will love!